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Anand Pushpa Residence


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Anand Pushpa Residence in Ayanambakkam, Chennai, is a contemporary house design rooted in tradition, with elaborate stone pillars, decorative ceramic tiles, and a sloping roof with Mangalore tiles. Because of its proximity to the sea, the land level has been elevated, allowing for the construction of a garage in the basement. The route separates after the ramp at the site entry, with one path leading to the basement and the other to the house's front verandah. To have a view of the courtyards, the bedrooms on the first floor are organised around a family area as the focal point.

Large courtyards, verandahs, and sit-outs bring the outside warmth into the spacious interiors. A rear sit-out overlooks a secluded lawn and lily pond for guests to enjoy. The house's colourful ceramic tiles on the stair risers are a standout feature. Adequate lighting and timber furniture blend well with the light hue of the walls and flooring. This property is as serene as its surroundings thanks to its minimal ornamentation and embellishment.

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