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Asikkad House


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Located in a village near Mayavaram, Asikkad House showcases the heritage of a Chettinad house, brought together in rich configurations. The design intends to reimagine Chettinad architecture and conserve the cultural significance it holds. The complex comprises the main house, a separate kitchen block, and two cottages. The main house and kitchen block connected by a passage contain individual open courtyards within them. An array of intricately crafted columns adorn the verandahs, and the courtyard is recycled collectables of the client. Furthermore, a traditional sloping roof with Mangalore tiles is present throughout the house.

The interior has been elegantly decorated to complement the house's Chettinad heritage. Sustainable building materials have been employed almost entirely in their natural form. A stunning athangudi tile border is designed for the large timber windows, which are then shielded by a traditional tiled sunshade. Spacious rooms with a diverse colour palette offer variety while classic light fixtures and antique furniture contribute to the home's traditional character. Overall, Asikkadu House strikes the ideal balance between Chettinad architecture and contemporary components, allowing it to shine beautifully among the greenery.

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