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Venkatesan House


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The diverse tonalities of brick and stone at the Venkatesan house create an earthy canvas that blends into the green surroundings. It is constructed using rubble stone masonry, brick-lined arched lintels, and a sloping tiled roof. The house's rubble masonry gives it a rigid appearance that is offset by how it fits in with the natural surroundings to create a perfect rugged equilibrium. The planning of the house is straightforward, with a courtyard near the entrance, flanked by bedrooms on two sides. The kitchen and living rooms are provided further inside to offer privacy and get sweeping views of the backyard.

The jaali patterns are designed to prompt natural lighting and wind circulation into the spaces in an effective manner. They act as a substitute for windows and provide safety to the residents. Indigenous species of flora are planted on-site to restore great value to the surroundings. Thus, the house in Injambakkam, Chennai, is an amalgamation of materials that unveils the many virtues of our approach to a natural material palette.

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