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Fingerpost House


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Built in the late 19th century, the Fingerpost House is a British bungalow in Ooty that portrays Scottish influences in its design features. The residence was designed to accommodate the lifestyle of the British officials in India. Though the identity of its creators is evident in the style of the building, it often made use of vernacular construction techniques to ornament and endure the local climate. The old house was refurbished as an eco-friendly house, using the skill of local builders and craftsmen. This collaboration of western technology with local construction skills led to the creation of its unique typology.

The separate kitchen adjoining the building at the rear end was a borrowed design feature of British architecture. It was opened up with windows to bring in natural light. The turrets on the sides of the house accommodate the shower cubicles and plumbing lines. A retaining wall was built to create more garden space, and a new greenhouse was also added to the land. As a result, the design approach ensured that the structure's historical character was preserved while including some innovative modern-day changes.

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