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George Residence


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George Residence can be defined as our take on the fusion of contemporary style with traditional elements. The entrance porch, which has a tiled roofed timber veranda on the ground floor, greets visitors. On entering, one can see the extensive use of timber for the grand staircase and other components of the family room. The experience when one walks is thus nurtured with the softness of timber at every touch. In addition, the use of sloping timber roofs, rustic tiles, and huge fenestrations help the overall notion of the place.

The home revolves around elements such as the courtyard, verandas, sit-outs, and gardens, as landscape design plays a crucial part in enhancing the quality of spaces by adding vitality to them. The courtyard, flanked by the dining, accommodates a luxurious plunge pool that harbours a serene view of the greenery present. A large verandah in the ground and first floors generate an open plan that promotes a traditional spatial narrative. The verandahs shield direct sunlight while allowing for a comfortable amount of diffused daylight to enter the areas. Hence, George residence is a traditional modern house as it captures the essence of both traditional and modern styles in subtle gestures.

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