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Mythilyas is a five-bedroom house built in the heart of Chennai city. Car parking, servant chambers, and other services are provided in the semi-basement, while the main living areas are planned on the floors above. A charming courtyard between the living and dining areas on the first floor brings nature indoors and renews the space. The bedrooms are located away from the common areas to ensure privacy, and the majority of them include a walk-in closet. With its expansive roof garden and loggia, the terrace area is ideal for hosting social events in this contemporary house.

The bungalow has a royal aura thanks to traditional lighting fixtures, ethnic motifs in the fabrics, and antique themed furniture. Extensive timber work adorns the furniture, staircase, doors and windows. Delicate patterns in the marble floors and plain light-coloured walls complement the rich timberwork throughout the house. The level of customization and attention to detail distinguishes this home of a non-resident Indian couple from the rest. With its marble inlay, timber joinery, and timber carvings, craftsmen from far and wide have come together to contribute to the creation of this wonderfully detailed mansion house.

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