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Paramankheni House


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A beach house located off East Coast Road in Chennai, Paramankheni House, stands on a 3-acre property between two fishing villages. The intent was to create a design that resonates with the serenity of the context, for which the team developed ideas that involved Mediterranean blue windows and a steeply sloping roof. The colourful house has an open plan which brings natural light and ensures cross-ventilation. It is designed such that the view of the sea is undisturbed from all the bedrooms, dining, and living areas. Consequently, the strategically placed windows make optimal use of the vistas.

Both the bathrooms attached to the bedrooms are open to the sky, while the ground floor bedroom has an enclosed courtyard with an outdoor shower. On the beachside of the house, there is a large verandah and a garden. Cement for the flooring and recycled doors and windows are some of the eco-friendly features of the house. Flanked by a private beach on one side and dense greenery on the other, this airy and spacious house exhibits a seaside colour palette that blends with the surroundings.

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