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Sivaram House


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Sivaram House was carefully constructed Kerala house to capture the green vista into the interiors, as it rests amidst the mountainous calm of Thiruvananthapuram. It is a simple white house with large timber windows and the sloping Kerala roof design is set to stand out from the picturesque hilly backdrop yet made to fit into the frame of the image. The duet of white hues and timber wraps the facade of the structure. The garden in front of the home, adjacent to the porch, with the free-standing timber logs scattered across the lawn, creates a lovely welcoming atmosphere.

The front yard is kept compact and effortless, while the backyard is spacious and serves the purpose of private evening chats over a cup of tea for the family. The doors and windows, which were recycled from the client's ancestral home, add a sentimental and nostalgic slant to the design of the house. The room proportions are quite generous, making the house look rather expansive. This elegant home with modest furnishing, artistic gardens and warm tones is a haven amongst the hills.

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