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Thanikachalam House


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A design that draws inspiration from Laurie Baker's philosophies, Thanikachalam House evokes simplicity and warmth that tones down the greatness of its size. The objective of this approach was to capture uninterrupted views of the grounds from all areas of the house by lining it with verandahs and gardens. The union of exposed brickwork and large verandahs in a building fringed with luscious landscape design creates a tranquil atmosphere within the space. The main entrance of the house, located among vibrant garden spaces, generates a relaxing ambience. The ground floor areas open onto the beautiful green landscape, creating a link between the interiors and nature.

Louvred brick jaalis, a signature element of Laurie Baker's architecture style, configure a dramatic play of light and shadows that embrace the interiors. A sloping tiled roof that shelters the structure from extreme weather and arched brick lintels that crown the recycled doors and windows portray the elegance and grandeur of local building materials. Overall, Thanikachalam House is an appreciation of traditional building techniques and materials exhibited in a 21st-century context.

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